Saturday, January 29, 2011

sensory street's Universal Law

Blog post #3 ... 

By now, most everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction, featured in the book, "The Secret," by Rhonda Byrne and subsequent movie.  One of the 21 Universal Laws*, the Law of Attraction states, 'that which is like unto itself is drawn,' and shows us how all things, wanted and unwanted, are brought to us.

Unlike magnets, where opposites attract and likes repel, the Law of Attraction is based on the principle that Likes Attract Likes.  As I tell my son:  "You get what you give: You give good, you get good back.  You give attitude, you get attitude back.  Our thoughts and actions are like boomerangs, so be mindful of what you put forth, because it's coming back to you!"  Even though he rolls his eyes, I think he gets it  ;D.

I'd like to unveil a new Universal Law: sensory street's Universal Law of great stuff in...great stuff outtm:  "When we help ourselves and our children from the inside-out, we can see huge, positive changes in all aspects of our lives."

Put healthy food in ... we have more energy and feel great. 
Put more movement in ... we can attend and focus better.
Put love in ... we can give more love to others. 
Put honor and respect in ... and greatness abound!

great stuff in...great stuff outtm is the core of my practice, using it to fill people with the great stuff they need to be great.  Whether I recommend a sensory strategy, healthful eating choice, method of releasing emotional and energetic baggage, I lean on my Universal Law to help the whole person, the whole child with  tools I've collected from every discipline imaginable.

I'd like to briefly share the history of great stuff in...great stuff outtm:

For almost 7 years now, I've been honored to support and serve thousands of people whose lives have been touched by differently-abled children.

I was overwhelmed by the number of stories of struggle told by parents in my support group and along my path.  Each story contained oodles of pain:  meltdowns, atypical social behaviors, the effects of schools removing recess, teacher conference nightmares, challenging IEP meetings, changes in family relationships and friendships because of a differently-abled child, sleepless nights and difficult days, doctors who didn't understand about sensory processing challenges.  So much fear, pain, desperation, exasperation, aggravation, helplessness. So many children needed help.

As an empath, I carried the weight of their burdens on my shoulders and in my heart.  How could I help all of these people with their challenges when I was sinking with them? Many times over the last few years, I wanted to give up, to walk away. I couldn't handle it anymore.

Then ... came the epiphany.

I realized that I can't help anyone until I helped myself.  I needed to don the proverbial oxygen mask. I learned to lovingly step away from the drama, to feed my body with more healthful foods, to release my emotional baggage, become open to the wonders of new and curious healing modalities, and listen to my inner guidance.  My transformation is a work in progress, but I feel much more prepared to be of assistance now.

As a result of this shift, sensory street's great stuff in...great stuff outtm was born.

More about great stuff in...great stuff outtm will be revealed in upcoming blog posts, But for now, I leave you with something to think about:

Put in Knowledge, Love and Gratitude ... Empowering ourselves with information, showering ourselves (and others) with love, and swimming in gratitude and thankfulness lets us see past the struggles so we can find our way to the solutions, strategies and supports that make change happen for ourselves and our kids.

Put in Healthy Food and Clean Water ... Cleaning up diets and keeping hydrated with plain, filtered water will help reduce brain fog, attention issues, constipation, allergies, meltdowns, anxiety, and so many of the physical challenges too many children deal with today.

It just makes sense ... for everyone ... of all ages and abilities.

Until next time, I bid you fare-well.

Ida Zelaya
sensory street(tm), inc.

* For a list of the 21 Universal Laws, visit

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